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Clear Glass Decoupage Plates

 We want it to be known that at Behrenberg Glass we have done our best, so you can have the best. Take for example our expertly crafted glass blanks which are perfect for both the professional artist or casual hobbyist in the art of decoupage, engraving, etching, and painted glass. Our gentle bend plates are the trusted choice to be used for your decoupaging, etching or engraving work that can be used for any occasion. From the dining room to the living room, from tableware to wall decorations, Behrenberg Glass can fulfill your needs and provide a greater range of possibilities for you to work with. All our glass is always manufactured here in the United States at our Delmont, Pennsylvania location, so you know that you’re supporting American jobs and ingenuity.

Our showcase includes three basic templates: The Shallow Bend Glass Plate, the Regular Bend Glass Plate, and the Big (Wide) Bottom Glass Plate. With each, there are multiple designs that you can choose from, allowing the full expression of your creativity to suit your needs.

Of the multiple designs that we have available, we pride ourselves on our variety. Our top selling blanks are the 4” x 6” clear glass rectangle, 6” clear glass square, and 8” clear glass round. These are our most popular because of their great versatility, specifically in the use of decoupage, etching, and engraving.  

All our blanks are dishwasher safe. Let us be your first choice for clear glass plates for the notable decoupeur, notable engraver, notable painter, notable etcher, or notable decorator. 


Made in the United States.


         Shallow Bend Glass Plate                          Regular Bend Glass Plate                       Big Bottom Glass Plate


Shallow Bend Glass Plate

- The Shallow bend plates have edges which have a medium bend to them and have more of a glass bottom than the regular bend. 

Regular Bend Glass Plate

- The Regular bend plates have edges which have more of a bend to them. These plates have higher edges to them.

Big Bottom Glass Plate

- The Big Bottom Plates have a slight bend to the edges and have the most glass bottom surface of our plates. These plates artists find easiest to decoupage and decorate. 

  • Square Glass Plates Square Glass Plates
    Our square clear glass plates are trending and widely used for decorating and bringing your own glass masterpieces to life. Techniques commonly used are decoupage for glass plates, engraving glass plates, etching glass plates, and hand painting glass plates.
  • Rectangle Glass Plates Rectangle Glass Plates
    Our rectangle clear glass plates are our #1 seller. The rectangle clear glass plates are trending for decoupage, engraving, etching, and hand painting decorators.
  • Round Glass Plates Round Glass Plates
    Our elegantly round clear glass plates offer a wide variety of uses. They are widely popular for dinnerware, crafts, and make a great addition for your home or business. Our round glass plates are popular to use clear and decorated. They are widely decorated with decoupage glass plates, painting glass plates, etching glass plates, and engraving glass plates.
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