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2018 New Year Website and Price Increase

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We will be changing our E-Commerce website in January. It will look very similar, and will allow us to use some new technologies available.

Many people do not realize that there is a glass shortage going on. It has been increasingly difficult to obtain the glass we need to produce our products. The glass prices have been raised a few times in the past 1 1/2 years. For Behrenberg Glass Co to remain a good supplier for our excellent customers, we will be increasing our prices. We will be increasing our clear glass items by 3% and printed items by 5%. The increase will go into effect on January 20th, 2018. Orders prior to January 20 will be honored at the before price increase if they are for delivery by February 20th.

We thank you for your continued relationships,

John and Donna Behrenberg

Custom Glass Work

Custom Glass Work-Behrenberg Glass has been doing custom glass work for many years. Our customers would give us artwork, designs, shapes, etc. and we would produce it for them. Our customers range from an individual artist who has an idea, up to larger corporations we made a part of an assembly for. We could run a few pieces [...]

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Colored Glass Plates for Engravers

We are introducing a new line of glass products geared towards our loyal artists. This new category will be for laser engravers, wheel carvers, sand carvers, and other miscellaneous artists that love our glass!We now have a HUGE variety of silk screen colored glass plates.Please take a look. 

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6" Square and 4" x 6" Rectangle Clear Glass Plates

We have a few too many 6" square regular bend clear glass plates and 4" x 6" rectangle regular bend clear glass plates. We are putting them on sale for $4.66 each, any quantity. Hopefully these plates will bring you joy when you decorate them for loved ones. You can find these in our Spring Cleaning Sale [...]

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Our little Etsy

We have gotten on board the Etsy bandwagon! In our store, we have items that you can not find anywhere else, not even our online store. We invite you to look around and see what items spark your interest.Decoupage Engraved HeartOne of our talented employees created this line of Paperweight glass. The decoupage backgrounds are [...]

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Best Shipping Options for you!

We are always trying to better our services and products to bring our customers the best. We have made our product descriptions easier to understand, we use wider media outlet sources, and now we are changing our shipping prices to get you the best.We have added a USPS option for your benefit. You may ask [...]

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Engrave your Idea!

We at Behrenberg Glass love making desires and wishes come true. One way we do that is by engraving your creative ideas and inspirations. It's a simple process to go through, and these creations are great for your home or office needs. They are simple and always a great idea as a gift.Our Process:Email us [...]

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Where We Came From

All of us have a story of where we came from....Back in 1923, A. Behrenberg and W. Hull worked for Hull Sign & Mfg. Co. which made gasoline signs for gasoline pumps. In 1925, my great grandfather H. Behrenberg started to work and became a full time employee at Hull Sign & Mfg. [...]

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