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Engrave your Idea!

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We at Behrenberg Glass love making desires and wishes come true. One way we do that is by engraving your creative ideas and inspirations. It's a simple process to go through, and these creations are great for your home or office needs. They are simple and always a great idea as a gift.

Our Process:

  1. Email us a sample of what you would like the design to look like. Be sure to add the font style of the lettering and which glass item you would like with your email. Please email: info@behrenbergglass.com ( If you are not sure what you exactly want, email us and we can collaborate together.)
  2. We will review your order to get the price quote and will email you back a model of what your item will look like with your design and the price. We will wait to engrave until we receive an email back stating the model is what you want.
  3. After we receive the go ahead email, we will laser engrave the design on the item. (We are able to Sand Carve for an additional price)
  4. Once your item is finished, it will be shipped within two days of laser engraving.

All of our glass is made in the United States. If you have any questions email us or call us at 724-468-4181.