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Where We Came From

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All of us have a story of where we came from....

Back in 1923, A. Behrenberg and W. Hull worked for Hull Sign & Mfg. Co. which made gasoline signs for gasoline pumps. In 1925, my great grandfather H. Behrenberg started to work and became a full time employee at Hull Sign & Mfg. Co.

The business became owned by the Behrenberg family in 1926. We then started to produce bent glass with multi-colors on them. Throughout this time the company was decorating and bending glass for gasoline advertising faces.

1948 became the year that my great grandfather, H. Behrenberg became the sole owner of the company. By 1963, the business moved to Delmont, Pa and in 1968 the company changed to Behrenberg Glass Company. During this time, H. Behrenberg had two sons, my grandfather John P. Behrenberg Sr. and his brother James Behrenberg.

By 1970, John P. Behrenberg became president until he retired in 1998. During this time Behrenberg Glass Co. started manufacturing glass giftware for serving trays, restaurants, hotels, decoupage, hand painters, lighting and exit glass.

When my grandfather retired, he and my father, John P. Behrenberg Jr. became co-owners. My father became president of the company and has been overseeing it ever since.

And that is where we came from....