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Clear Glass Decoupage Plates

Our quality clear glass plates have become widely accepted and very popular for the art of decoupage, engravers, etchers, hand painters, and decorators. Our glass plates have a gentle bend which lends itself to being a quality decoupage blank to be used as a glass gift, cake plate, serving dish, candy dish, dessert plate, salad plate, or centerpiece. The creative possiblities are endless with our signature glassware. 


Made in the United States.

6x10 shallow bend        6x10 regular bend          yes-6-x-12-big-bottom.jpg

    Shallow Bent Glass Plate                Regular Bent Glass Plate                    Big Bottom Glass Plate


Shallow Bent Glass Plate

- The Shallow bent plates have edges which have a medium bend to them and have more of a glass bottom than the regular bent. 

Regular Bent Glass Plate

- The Regular bent plates have edges which have more of a bend to them. These plates have higher edges to them.

Big Bottom Glass Plate

- The Big Bottom Plates have a slight bend to the edges and have the most glass bottom surface of our plates. These plates artists find easiest to decoupage and decorate.