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We make Clear Glass plates and other glass items for Decoupage, Decoupeurs, Engraving, Etching, and Hand painting. We also make lighting glass globes, restaurant plates and glass ware for serving. We have lines of different decorated items. please take a look around. Made in Delmont, PA 15626. We use natural gas from Pennsylvania. 

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 Square Glass Plates Rectangle Glass Plates   Round Glass Plates
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 Oval Glass Plates  Miscellaneous Glass Shapes


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Fused Glass Plates Recycled Glass Plates Family Circle Magazine
September 2010
Textured Plates Fused Dichroic
Glass Jewelry

We manufacture a variety of shapes and sizes of Quality specialty glass items. Since 1923 we have manufactured glass for: lighting, exits, gasoline globes, glass plates, decoupage, decoupeur, decoupage blanks, serving trays, decorated trays, restaurants, museums, chefs, etchers, engravers, hand painters, clear glass plates, textured glass plates, craft glass, and more… 

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Clear Glass Plates
Popular for Decoupage
Decorated Glass Plates Glass Soap Dishes or
Single Serve Glass Dish
Lighting Glass -
Dome Sconce


Quality Clear Glass Plates for Decoupage

Behrenberg Glass manufactures quality clear glass plates that are very popular for the decoupage people. The gentle bend lends itself to decorating. The shape is great for those who wish to design a project with them.  We also have added a some shallow shapes to our line of clear glass plates. The shallow plates have less curve and are great for decoupage, etching, hand painting, and engraving. Our glass plates have been used for center pieces, and placemats.

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Quality Textured Glass Plates for Restaurants

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Our textured glass plates (clear or printed) will show  your favorite creation without taking away from your artistry. Our glass plates have been used repeatedly in many restaurants. We offer a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Visit our online store to see more.

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Lighting Glass, globes Lighting pieces

We have been decorating glass domes with white and multiple colors since 1923. From the simple 12" solid white square bedroom pieces to 26" round multi-colored sandblasted domes.

Behrenberg Glass Co. Online Store

Our online store displays the quality clear glass plates, printed glass plates, and items we manufacture and stock. Our online store also has the pricing on it. The items are categorized by style. There is also a search feature if you are looking for a special item or color. We have clear glass plates that are very popular with people who decoupage, or the decoupeur, hand paint, etch, engrave, and decorate. Please look around in our store and our website. To go to our store use the links on the left.