Trying to find the perfect gift for someone? Do you know what you want it to look like, but not sure how to go about getting it? Well look NO further! We can laser engrave or sand carve anything you want onto a piece of glass for that loved one, boss, or award recipient! The possibilities are endless with our large selection of different sized glass. Our team of professionals are dedicated to assisting you with all your custom engraving and sand carving needs.

Whats the difference between the two methods we provide? 

  1. Laser engraving is a method of transferring a design onto a flat surface with a CO2 powered laser. The laser engraving creates precise markings on our glass to create a permanent design. Laser imprints on clear glass will have a frosted appearance. Laser imprints on colored glass will allow the color of the plate to remain, while the engraved area will be frosted. Laser engraving ensures a beautiful, detailed image that will leave a lasting impression. 
  2. Sand Carving is another imprinted technique that we use. Carving the glass with sand gives the design a higher level of precise detail. Sand carving can give a piece of glass extra depth. The chosen design will have a deep frosted look that is obtained through this process, while the clear glass or silk screened plates will stand out beautifully. 

To proceed with the ordering process....


First, you want to choose the glass that you want to have engraved or carved. You can choose from a plethora of options that are found within our online store. 

Choose from our clear flat glass, HERE.

Choose from our bent clear glass plates, HERE.

Choose from our silk screened colored glass, 

Choose from our crystal glass paperweights, HERE.


Once you have chosen the glass you wish to have, leave a comment with your order to let us know what you want put onto the glass. If you have an image, send it to us through email. 

For more complex designs or ideas, please call or email us! Our staff is dedicated to creating a one of a kind glass plate just for you. 

Our office phone number: (724) 468-4181 or email us at [email protected]


Orders include the price of the plate you choose


Laser engraving= $25 per plate


Sand carving= $35 per plate

+shipping and handling

 *Bulk discounts available* 

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