Clear Glass Decoupage Plates Clear Glass Plates - Rectangle plate

Looking for clear glass plates for engraving? Behrenberg Glass has got you covered. Whether you are looking for clear glass plates for the professional artist or casual hobbyist in the art of decoupage, engraving, etching, or painting of glass, we have done our best to get you the very finest in clear glass plates. We have a complete range of expertly crafted clear glass plates that will match any tastes or preferences. Whatever the occasion, look through our elegant range of;


  • üSquare glass plates,
  • üRectangle glass plates,
  • üRound glass plates,
  • üHexagon glass plates,
  • üOctagon glass plates,
  • üOval glass plates,
  • üHeart glass plates,
  • üBig bottom glass plates,
  • üDecoupage bowls,
  • üRuffle wavy dishes,
  • üMiscellaneous glass plates,
  • ü3/16 glass plates for engraving, etching, and laser engraving, and;
  • üLow iron starphire glass plates


– to find your best pick. Our gentle bend plates and decoupage blanks are the trusted choice for all thing’s decoupage, engraving, painting, etching, or decorating.

Flat Glass flat

As a full-service glass shop, Behrenberg Glass is fully stocked and equipped to cater to all your flat glass needs. Whether you are looking to acquire new flat glass for your home or commercial establishment, we have a full line of flat glass products for you. From clear glass plates for decoupage, laser engraving, and decoration, to new dinner set placemats for your home; flat glass for your 3D printer, to clear glass for placing between layers of wedding cakes and more; we have it all.

Our cut flat glass comes with either a swiped edge or the perfect-looking smooth diamond ground (DG) edge. And, we provide them in a wide range of up to 6 major thicknesses so you can be sure to find what best suits your needs:


  • ü3/32" thick or single strength (2.3 mm),
  • ü1/8" thick or double strength (3 mm),
  • ü5/32" thick (4 mm),
  • ü3/16" thick (5 mm),
  • ü1/4" (6 mm),
  • ü3/8" (10 mm).


Looking to replace the broken glass? Please email us today for a custom-cut quote.

Textured Glass Restaurant Plates oval

Give your restaurant or food court a visual overhaul because you can – with a little help from Behrenberg Glass. With textured clear glass plates and dishes, textured glass soap dishes, textured glass gifts, textured hand paintings, and more, you can give your brand that unified look that your competition drools over and your customers look forward to coming back to. We’re here to help.

Our textured clear glass plates are exactly what you need to stand out in your fine restaurant, catering services, or even at home. They are 3/16" thick and come in multiple shapes and sizes to fit every need. What’s more: these plates are all dishwasher safe.

Paperweights paperweights

Our handcrafted range of limited and classic edition glass paperweights come in a wide variety of shapes, themes, and designs, perfect for your home or office. Get your preferred clear glass paperweights today and decoupage them to your taste and liking.

Our clear glass paperweights are available in 3/8" thick sizes and beautiful diamond ground edges for a soft, perfect finish. We also have a wide range of handmade crystal glass paperweights in different sizes, shapes, and recesses. You’ll love the heat bubbles and swirls in these glass paperweights, and you can be sure to get only the finest of them from us.

Specials special

At Behrenberg Glass, we take special milestones very seriously. So, as we celebrate over 96 years of business, we would like to thank you, our esteemed customers, with some steep price cuts that you’ll love. We are assigning special prices on a number of products, including our line of clear glass plates for decoupage, clear glass plates for etching, clear glass plates for engraving, and more.

Glass Fabrication, glass cutting, glass grinding

Glass fabrication is a varied industry that requires a great deal of finesse. Having practiced glass fabrication for more than 90 years, we have the accumulated knowledge and expertise that you can trust. We have grown with the industry to become the leaders in what we do.

We make it our goal to surpass our customer expectations each time by offering unmatched glass cutting services. Contact us today, and our team of courteous experts will help you with deciding the size, thickness, and/or type of glass that will work best for you.

In your email, consider including the following information regarding the kind of glass you want:


  • üSize
  • üShape
  • üThickness
  • üEdgework
  • üHole


Personalized Laser Engraving & Sand Carving engraved

Custom-cut glass needs? You have come to the right place. We stock glass of different patterns and thicknesses to meet the diverse needs of every homeowner and business that needs customized engraving.

With our rich collection, you can choose from a wide variety of glassware or settle for customized sand engraving, sand carved glass, laser engraved paperweight, sand carved glass paperweight, and more. Just provide us with the specifications, and we'll deliver for you.

Heart Plates and Heart Shapes heart

Want to spend time with your loved ones? What better way to make your loved ones fall head over heels for your treatment than with a complete set of heart plates and shapes. We have a handpicked collection of heart plates and shapes for every occasion, every home, and every group to help take your expression of affection to new heights. Whether you want your heart plates decorated by decoupage, painting, engraving, or etching – we will get it done.

Recycled Glass - 50% Recycled Recycled glass - 6 square

If you love to stand out from the crowd, then Behrenberg Glass's recycled glass is for you. In line with the Green Movement, Behrenberg Glass has recycled glass made of at least 50% recycled glass. Each piece is one of its kind, and you can get one customized to your specifications. Your recycled glass from Behrenberg Glass will be exclusive, with a unique look that cannot be replicated.

With their slight texture and unique air bubbles sustained during the recycling process, the recycled glass makes a perfect canvas for any art project while keeping you friendly to the environment!

Suncatcher/Ornament Glass Ornament Suncatcher with polished edge.

Treat your eyes to pretty rainbows and sparkles of light with our awe-inspiring suncatcher and ornament glass. We have a dedicated team of skilled professionals who come up with creations that are out of this world. Whether it is created by decoupage or painting, engraving, or etching, our handmade and vintage suncatchers and ornaments will add the needed pop to your windows or Christmas tree and inject your living space with new life.

Our suncatcher and ornament glass pieces have swiped edges to ensure they’re smooth to the touch. Every suncatcher and ornament has a 4 mm hole in the top for hanging.

Variety Kits kit

Looking for clear glass plates for decoupage? Look no further than Behrenberg Glass. We are the industry’s leading provider of the widest variety of clear glass plates for decoupage. If you are obsessed with decoupage then you have come to the right place. We have a handpicked range of clear glass plates at a special price. Our limited and unlimited edition plate kits come in a variety of different shapes or the same shape with different sizes; all 1/8" thick. When you buy these plates, you are buying some of the most popular plates for decoupage, hand painting, engraving, etching, decorating, and serving clear.

Glass Decoupage Kits Supplies

A fan of the DIY decoupage? Behrenberg Glass has got your back. Our glass decoupage kits are complete with two identical clear glass plates, mod podge, foam brush, a piece of map design paper, squeegee, and a bottle of cermacoat acrylic paint. All these come at a slashed price to save you money.

Decorating Supplies supplies

Are you a hobbyist glass decorator, or are you in it as a professional career? We have all your tools of the trade at greatly competitive prices. Behrenberg Glass is your one-stop shop for all decoupage, hand painting, and etching supplies. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, here is where you’ll find all of the materials you need to decorate, etch or decoupage your clear glass plates and paperweights.

Rain Drop Glass 4 x 6 rain drop

Our line of raindrop-textured (bubble) glasses is a delicate-looking set designed specifically to enhance the look of your table while remaining practical to stand up to the task. With their raindrop textured bottom and a smooth serving surface to the top, these plates, dishes, and bowls make a wonderful addition to your home décor.

Available shapes that you can select from include:


  • üRound,
  • üSquare,
  • üOval, and;
  • üRectangle. Mix and match to make unique place settings.


Phone us today at 724-468-4181 or 800-946-4043 to place an order and give your dining space a fresh new look.

Tier Tray Sets Tiered glass trays

Having a wedding, birthday party, or family gathering coming up? Here is something you’re going to need to create an elegant arrangement: special tier trays. Behrenberg Glass has it all for you: clear glass tier tray sets for decoupage, engraving, etching, or painting – whichever way you love to decorate them. Send us an email to discuss whether the 2 or the 3 piece serving sets are the best picks for you. Your plates will be dishwasher safe, but we recommend that you hand wash the post.

Printed Glass 10 rd flag

Inspiration comes to life with our line of decorated glass. Whether you are at the design stage or just conceptualizing your glass project, Behrenberg Glass is your go-to partner in this endeavor. Simply get in touch with us to discuss your glass project with our team of in-house designers, and we’ll do the hard work for you.

We have a popular silk-screening process that creates beautiful pieces of work that will bring new life to your home or office décor. Want to gift someone? You can count on us for:


  • üLace print,
  • üAnniversary plates,
  • üReligious print,
  • üPatriotic plates,
  • üChristmas plates,
  • üChildren's clocks.


2.Lighting Glass, Glass Globes, Glass for Lighting Lighting Glass 1960

Our diverse inventory of handmade and vintage lighting glass and glass globes is matchless. We have a rich collection of vintage lighting glass produced in the 1960s and replicated over the years. Our designs are like nothing you’ll find in the market. If you are looking to stand out from the crowd then Behrenberg Glass has got your back. Purchase of our glass for lighting is a purchase of something exclusive, that will make your home or office décor be one of a kind.

Tempered Glass 

When it comes to glass, two main safety considerations matter. Protection of the glass from breaking and safety of the glass after breaking. To overcome both, Behrenberg Glass offers tempered glass that is 4 times as strong as the annealed glass. We treat the glass to an intense thermal process making it resistant to heat. And in the off chance that the tempered glass breaks, it goes into millions of small square pieces that are safe and won't cause any serious damage. The annealed glass would only break into larger, sharper pieces that can cause terrible damage.

Phone us today on 724-468-4181 or 800-946-4043 to discuss your tempered glass options for:

* Patio Table Tops

* Greenhouses

* Indoor Table Tops * DIY and Craft

* Glass Shelves * 3D Printing

*Office and Business * Hot Plates

* Protecting Antiques and Tables * Windows

* Skylights

Borosilicate Glass 9 Rd

Setting up a lab? We have the safest type of glassware in the market for you. All we need are the details of the kind of borosilicate glass you need, and we’ll surpass your expectations. At Behrenberg Glass, our borosilicate line of glassware is made from handpicked ingredients to give it the greatest resilience in terms of chemical and thermal resistance. Additionally, the glass has the best optical clarity there is in the market.

2nds - Slight Defects Clear glass plates mad in the United States, for you to decorate, decoupage, hand paint and engrave.

At Behrenberg Glass, we love to lead from the front. So, we have an extra line of clear glass decoupage plates for you; the seconds (2nds). This line consists of clear glass decoupage plates, clear glass plates for etching, clear glass plates for engraving, decoupage blanks, and more – with slight imperfections such as heat bubbles, scratches, handmade marks, or a blue tint around the edges of the glass.

Please E-mail us at [email protected] or placing a call on 724-468-4181 or 800-946-4043 to discuss your options.

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