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Personalized Laser Engraving & Sand Carving

Laser Engraved Heart

Behrenberg Glass specializes in versatility to accommodate your specific needs. Not only can you choose from our wide variety of glassware, but we also do etching and engraving projects to suit any occasion or purpose.

Trying to find the perfect gift for someone? Well, look NO further! We can engrave or carve anything you want onto a piece of glass for that loved one, boss, or award recipient! The possibilities are endless with our large selection of different sized glass. Our team of professionals is dedicated to assisting you with all your custom engraving and sand carving needs.   

Again, this is the same glass you know that you can trust! Each of our glass pieces is handmade and manufactured to the best quality right here in the United States. First, we take a sheet of glass, cut it to size to your specifications, grind the edges and wash the glass, then place it in the furnace if needing to be bent. 

We have two different processes to do our engraving and etching. The first is our laser engraving process, and the second is with sand carving. With the attached video, you can observe and see our laser engraving work its magic. Using a CO2 powered laser, it cuts an image and text into the glass. The laser cuts according to the specifications you provide, allowing you to personalize it to suit any occasion. It transfers the design onto the glass surface, and on both clear and colored glass will create a beautifully frosted appearance. 

For help ordering, click HERE to read directions.

Have questions? Call us or email us! We will be happy to answer any questions you may have! 

Our other engraving process is sand carving and is useful in that it gives a sharpness to the design that will last for years to come. After going through the laser engraving process, we then put it in a machine that blasts sand into the glass at high pressure, carving your desired image deeper into the glass, making the image sharper and the text much easier to see. 

To order, first, select the glass you want to personalize from anything in our store on the left side under Categories or from the items below. The printed plates make very nice personalized gifts. The center can be personalized in the Battenburg Lace plates. 

Once you have selected the glass, you wish to have, leave a comment with your order to let us know what you want to put onto the glass. If you have an image, send it to us through email. 

For more complex designs or ideas, please call or email us! Our staff is dedicated to creating one of a kind glass plate just for you. 

Our office phone number: (724) 468-4181 or email us at [email protected].

All files sent to be added to glass MUST BE BLACK. Images can be in JPEG, JIF,  PNG, PhotoShop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, or Word files to work with our programs.


Orders include the price of the plate you choose


Laser engraving = $26 per plate


Sand carving = $36 per plate

+ shipping and handling

 *Bulk discounts available*


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