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A big thank you too ALL of our customers that have shared their works of art with us. It is a pleasure to be able to manufacture and supply glass that has such versatile artistic mediums that can be applied to it. 



Janice with JHathaway Designs created these decoupage pieces. 



Kim has created these plates.


Designed by Gloria Cooper of Gloria Cooper Art.

Designed by Brittany Schneider of Sweetbdesign. 

Chris Moran of WindWalkerGallery, creates colorful glass mobiles that display our sun catcher glass. 
Marla, of The Trendy Butterfly, has created these designs on our glass plates. 
A work by Dennis Harrison on our 18" round flat glass. Dennis uses the technique of stained glass art. He is the owner of his etsy shop, Blue Moon Mosaics. 
Reverse decoupage and multi media art on bent and flat glass. Artwork by Kathy Joyce. 
 Reverse decoupage on glass plates by Faye. 
Raymond Rains uses our 3/16" thick flat glass to create fused glass masterpieces. Raymond is the owner of Cliff House Studio & Gallery, in Texas. 
Decoupaged glass tier tray by Sharon Herling. Owner of SharonMdesigns.com. 
Decoupaged glass plate display by Mollie Hart. 
Decoupaged glass plates by Leah Jacobs of Mar-Leah's Linens & Glass. 
Etched flat glass and paperweight by Michael Lueders. 

lazy-susan-spice-rack.jpgDecoupage glass -
Customer creation by Maureen. Maureen has made these 2 and 3 tier lazy susan spice racks using our clear flat glass. 
kathleen-hanan-5 on clear glass plate 
Customer art by Kathleen. All unfinished products, all just as amazing! 
Painting on flat glass. Thank you Kathleen by creating original art works to display our glass on.


Elizabeth Meeker Silk Painting and decoupaged on our glass. 
 Elizabeth Meeker Silk Painting and decoupaged on our glass.
Elizabeth Meeker Silk Painting and decoupaged on our glass.
Elizabeth Meeker Silk Painting and decoupaged on our glass.
 So happy to have found your site!  I am among many people who belong to a facebook group called SPIN (Silk Painter International) and we have just been introduced to the concept of putting silk onto glass. I have attached some examples.
Elizabeth Meeker
I wanted to share another wonderful fundraising story with you. For my son's preschool auction, I had the children draw "self portraits" and then decoupaged them onto one of your platters. Two mothers got into a bidding war and the platter went for $750. I received so many compliments on the platter, and the school was thrilled that it raised so much money. Thanks for offering a great product!
Sarah Caska Holmes
San Mateo, CA
I recently ordered a few of the textured glass plates at a few sizes and I thought you might be interested in how I'm using them. 
I set them under my clay pots as shown in the attached pictures.  They protect from water seepage onto carpet or hardwood floors that can occur because the clay pots are porous.  And they look good.  I have been looking for sometime for plates that work for that purpose.  Yours is the only one I've found that fit all of the important criteria: variable and large sizes, strong, good looking.
I really dislike those clear plastic holders that can be purchased at most greenhouses; they ruin the "natural" clay pot look.  I suspect that a number of people share my view about that.
Perhaps this is a market for your product.  I wonder if the greenhouses would carry them.  Or maybe just make sure that any internet search for things like "glass clay pot holders" comes up with your link.
Best regards,




Just an example of the work that I do on your beautiful glass.

Thank you, Rita Heiser

I have been using your small glass decorative trays for about a year or so. I do some decoupage work but I am really a reverse glass gilder. I don't think anyone out there is currently glass gilding your trays so I thought I would share some images of my work. 
I combine many disciplines on a piece and there are no two that are alike. I sell at art festivals and by word of mouth. I hope you enjoy looking at my work. I love your product!!! 
Lanette Gallagher


John, I was just thinking that you would maybe like to see what I did with a few of your plates. We had were treated to a wonderful dinner by the owners of the oldest restaurant in Hollywood,   So I decided to use the menu and do a plate for them using one of your blank plates!

Thanks. Terry Drendel

I just wanted to express my appreciation to you and your company for providing a wonderful product at a great price with fast and safe shipping. Thank you also for your personal note that accompanied my order; it made all the difference to know I was dealing with real people who cared about my business and not a faceless company.
I placed my second order tonight and look forward to placing many more in the future. I am attaching a jpeg of a platter I created that sold within hours of placing on ETSY. I look forward to my clocks gracing the tables of the Chicago Jewish Art Festival next week!

Debbie Gorin

1showcase.jpeg 2showcase.jpeg 3showcase.jpeg

Decoupaged plates from Valerie Moll.


4showcase.jpeg 5showcase.jpeg

Behrenberg glass plates are the best!! I reverse paint on your square glass plates, then seal them with several layers of polyurethane. Each plate is one-of-a-kind and can be used for hors d'oeuvres or snacks, as they are food safe. You can view my plates on my Facebook page 'Dauphine Art.' Custom orders are always welcome!

-Bobbie Hullermann


6showcase.jpeg 7showcase.jpeg 8showcase.jpeg

 I wanted to thank you for the quick delivery of the glassware. I've attached pictures of what I did with the plates. They were a birthday gift for my wife.They turned out perfect and the glass was exactly what I needed. I will be sure to recommend Behrenberg to anyone I know who will be doing anything similar.


Phil Ruby

 9showcase.jpeg 10showcase.jpeg 11showcase.jpeg


These beautiful plates were made by Kathy Joyce.


Thank you for the personal note regarding my recent purchase from Behrenberg Glass. I wanted to follow up and let you know that the glass trays I purchased were used as part of an auction fundraiser for a small private school in Northern Virginia. I worked with Grade 2 students to paint their designs on the trays, which were then auctioned off to parents. I am attaching a picture of one of the finished trays so you can see what a great success it was, raising over $400 at the auction!

Thank you for providing a great quality product at a great price. I will be sure to refer your company to others in the future.


Amy Joseph
Green Hedges School parent
Vienna, Virginia



13showcase.jpeg 14showcase2.jpeg 15showcase.jpeg

Mandala Art Plates made with Behrenberg Glass clear glass plates.



17showcase.jpeg 16showcase.jpeg

Jennifer is the third generation in her family to practice the art of stone wheel glass engraving. Growing up Jennifer worked side by side with her mother who taught her the family trade. At sixteen years old her passion for engraving glass was just beginning to develop and soon her artwork was starting to sell to both locals and tourist in the Ft. Lauderdale area. Now, after cutting glass for nearly twenty years and seeing how technology has changed the industry her love and appreciation for this lost art is truly magnified. Jennifer now resides in northeast Tennessee and continues to enjoy personalizing glassware pieces using her grandfather’s Spatzier wheel engraver built in Germany in the early 70’s. “When I am at my wheel, I often think of my grandfather and the many pieces both he and my mother have created using it. Their pieces are all over the world” Stone wheel engraving is an age old art form of glass engraving that is not commonly practiced in the world today. Wheel engraving requires a belt-driven lathe carrying a range of inter-changeable spindles, each mounted with a wheel made from carbundum stone. Each wheel varies in size being shaved and shaped by the artist for creating different effects on glass. The artist makes cuts into the glass working upside down and backwards. Variations in the letters, spacing and design are to be expected and considered part of the beauty and character of a one-of a kind original.

Jennifer Fillinger
Glass Engraving by Jennifer
Since 1988


I love your glass plates! Using the 10” x 6” rectangular plate, I made a collage of vintage sea images set against antique calligraphy and trimmed in an old dictionary print! I have received tons of compliments on it! It can be used as a decorative accent on a table, hung as wall art on a plate hanger or displayed propped on a display rack or book shelf. I finished the back with metallic gold paint and a piece of vinyl shelf liner to protect walls and furniture.

Puffer and Friends, 6" x 10", plate decoupage by Tracy Kunzler. 


We engraved your plate with an epilog laser, and then used sand blasting to enhance depth where it was needed to hold the gold leaf. Needless to say, that the awards were very well received!

Many Thanks,
Dave Baron

heliconia-180.jpeg koi-rnd-180.jpeg koi-square-180.jpeg turtle-180.jpeg grant-oka-2.jpggrant-oka-1.jpg

Oka Etchworks are unique sandblasted glass etchings with an Asian or Island flair: bold, yet intricate and delicate. Created in Hawaii on Behrenberg’s glass platters as one of our main glass canvases, each one of a kind piece is carefully designed and hand-cut. These glass platters really makes the difference in creating a high quality design and product.


24show.jpeg 25show.jpeg 26show.jpeg 27show.jpeg 28show.jpeg 29show.jpeg 

I reverse paint on your square glass plates, then seal them with 7 layers of polyurethane. They are completely original and can be used for hors d'oeuvres or snacks, as they are food safe. Or use just as a decorative piece to brighten any room in the house! You can view my plates at www.dauphineart.etsy.com. Custom orders are welcome.

-Bobbie Hullermann


Decoupage on an Octagon plate.

If you are a Behrenberg Glass Co. customer and would like to show your work, please email a photograph, description, and link (if you want) to info@behrenbergglass.com.

We would be honored to display your work!

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