I received my 13" Rd Flat 3/16 13" Round Flat Clear Glass and want to tell you it is perfect I am very happy with it and it works perfect for my project. Thank you so very much. One question do you sell
the little tabs to stop it from sliding or can you tell me where I can purchase them.

 Thank you,


These plates travelled via my friend in Atlanta to Peterborough, Ontario and arrived here in perfect condition. 

I’m an artist and I usually do abstracts and portraits on canvas and paper.  I ordered your plates to try a new craft – collage/decoupage behind glass – at a get-together of artists who were all doing something different than their usual practice.  The plates were perfect for this:  their smooth shallow curves make it easy to glue paper onto them.  I now have one completed abstract piece that has received many compliments and plan to do three more.  

Thanks very much for your help with this order:  I was choosing plates sight unseen for a craft I’d never tried and Behrenberg Glass was the only company I could find on the internet making what I thought I wanted.  We had several email exchanges before I placed the order and you were very helpful. 

If I continue decoupaging or painting on glass you will most certainly get my business in the future. 



I received the glass yesterday afternoon and checked the fit this morning.  It was perfect fit and very nice quality cut.
Thank you very much for help and excellent work.
Best Regards,

Hi Donna, I received the glass oval pieces over the weekend and they are perfect! Please give my thanks to the folks at the shop for some 1st class work; they're beautiful. And, thank you for your patience and taking the time for educating me.

Many Thanks,

Hi John, 

Just want to thank you for the fantastic job you did on the glass piece for me. I don’t know how challenging it was, but I sure am happy to be able to have the fixture usable again! 
Thanks so much for your effort and excellent quality. It was a pleasure working with you! 

You guys rock love my glass pieces and got them fast, I will spread the word! Carol


The product is excellent to say the least. I also received your hand written note, which is rare these days. I wanted to email you back to say thank you for....first of all, a great product and also your attention/effort in your customer(s). 

I will most definitely recommend you to my colleagues and friends.

Best, Bella


Hello, just want to take a moment to thank you for the outstanding service excellent company, pleasure doing business with you ......  thank you  -Nancy


 Hello John, 
I received a nice thank you note for my purchase a little while back and I just wanted you to know I think it was very thoughtful of you to send it.   My purchase wasn't a large one, so I was surprised to receive such a nice note.  I needed two round pieces to fit in a stand and they were perfect!  And, my order  came promptly.  Of course, I will refer others to you in the future.  Thanks so much.  It was nice dealing with your company.  Kathy

Hi John
Got the order today. That was fast! Thank you so much for all your help you have been great to work with. I have attached our tax exempt certificate for you signed by our Treasurer. If you have any questions or anything please let me know.
Pat Church


Morning Penny! Lovely to speak with you directly the other day. Thank you for this invoice. All three boxes have already arrived and again all plates are as they left your factory!

Thank you again for all you have done.

Kind regards, Sylvia


Hi Penny,

We received the new pieces of glass you cut for us a couple of days ago.  I just checked them and they are perfect.  Thank you for handling our issue so easily and quickly.  Excellent service!

Thanks again,

Alan Bernstein


Dear Penny and Team

I would like to express my huge thanks for my recent and first order being delivered super quickly and all in one piece! Delivery was made to my home in Melbourne Australia. Super impressed with your service and hopefully I will be ordering a lot more in the near future.

Thank you again for your brilliant service!!

 Kindest regards, Sylvia


 Dear Mr. Behrenberg,

A few weeks ago my wife purchased a glass plate to cover a small terrarium that she made out of a fish bowl.  I don't think it was much money, but to get a hand written reply from you was unbelievable!  It certainly got our attention and our appreciation.
Thomas Temple Allan


Hi John,

Thanks for your note regarding our recent purchase.  It so happens that I called Penny a few days after receiving our order to let her know that I was quite pleased.  The glass met my specifications, was very well packaged, and arrived on time.  I told Penny I would be ordering again as soon as my stock was low enough.
Alan Bernstein


Dear Mr. Behrenberg,

I am so pleased to have found you and your product.  As you can see from my web site, www.elizabethvanriper.com, I have been creating decoupage tableware utilizing my original fine art paintings as the subject.  Your pieces work wonderfully and I will post on my web site as soon as I have the new line of serving pieces photographed etc.

I hope you can help me.  I just placed an additional order this am, would it be possible to add to the order placed yesterday?  Would be great to consolidate shipping.  Many thanks. Have a great day and weekend.



Hello John,

Just wanted to say, what a great company / product you have.
I just ordered a whole bunch of plates...I am so excited to start putting my arty stuff on them!
I will send you some photos of my work when I'm done. Just for more fun.
Thanks much,


Thanks, your company has been wonderful. I appreciate all your correspondence- Marilyn
My order from Behrenberg Glass arrived far sooner than expected, packed with obvious special care and I am so pleased with the quality of the plates in spite of the fact that they are supposedly seconds!!  Then, to top it off, your very special and personal note
just substantiated the quality of your company, service and personal integrity. You are indeed a soaring eagle. (please read the following e-mail from me entitled "ducks quack and eagles soar" 
Thank you so much--you can be assured I will be ordering again. And yes, I will refer you to others.
Sharon Thompson

I received a thank you card in the mail from you and the company the other day and I wanted to reply to let you know that yes, I am very satisfied with my recent purchase. And what a change, being thanked by a hand written letter for my purchase! It was by chance I happened to stumble across your website, but you happened to have exactly what I had been searching for for weeks! Plus, I received it so quick in the mail. I will make sure to pass along the good word to friends and family looking for products you may carry. 
Thank you, Erin Paradis


Hello John,
I received your nice note today, thanking me for my recent purchase of the glass blanks. I've been creating decoupage projects since receiving the order, and I wanted to show you several examples. (I sell these in a craft store in NJ.) I'm really happy that I found your company because the other source I had been using dried up. I'm not very computer savvy so am sending two other examples in separate e-mails. I will be ordering more blanks in the future and will refer you to others who might have interest in these. These quality plates aren't easy to find. Thanks so much for your nice handwritten note - very exceptional customer service in this day and age!
Valerie Moll

Dear Mr. Behrenberg,
I was extremely impressed with the note you sent . I will be more than thrilled to tell anyone I can about your great products. If you ever need a salesperson for the South to market and demonstrate craft ideas using your products, I'm your person. I am currently a special education teacher and I plan to purchase items in the future so my students can make Christmas crafts. Thank you again, you have demonstrated that a personal touch can make a tremendous impression.
Donna McDaniel
Panama City Beach, Fl

Dear President Behrenberg: Thank you for your courteous and gracious note. I appreciate your personal message. The 2 pieces of round glass I ordered were delivered 2 weeks ago in perfect condition! I am so pleased that they also fit perfectly and add so much beauty and protection for my round corner table! I am delighted to have found a source for quality glass at reasonable prices and will definitely let my friends and colleagues know about the Behrenberg Glass Company!
Doris Ching

Thank you for the personal note regarding my recent purchase from Behrenberg Glass. I wanted to follow up and let you know that the glass trays I purchased were used as part of an auction fundraiser for a small private school in Northern Virginia. I worked with Grade 2 students to paint their designs on the trays, which were then auctioned off to parents. I am attaching a picture of one of the finished trays so you can see what a great success it was, raising over $400 at the auction!
Thank you for providing a great quality product at a great price. I will be sure to refer your company to others in the future.
Amy Joseph
Green Hedges School parent
Vienna, Virginia

Just a quick thank you for the incredibly friendly and fast service. Happy Holidays, Nancy

Just writing to thank you for my recent order which all arrived in perfect form. -Lia

John...just wanted to thank you for what looks to be a personal note inquiring about my service. While my order was small, everything was done to perfection. Thank you for the follow up. I will recommend your company to others.
Jo Rutledge

I appreciate receiving your personal sentiment in the card you mailed as follow up to my order. 
This showed excellent management interest in customer satisfaction and service. 
The products received were exactly what I was looking for – good quality for a reasonable price. 
You can rest assured that I will pass on your company’s good service, quality, and pricing to friends and family. 

Dear John,
In a day of emails and texts, how wonderful it was to receive your handwritten "Thank You" note! I very much appreciate it!
I have a tiny gift shop and create as much as I can myself, as custom offerings. I decided to try decoupage and found your website for the perfect plates. I LOVE making things and it is so thrilling to try a new venue. I think this will be a successful addition to my shop. Last night I made my first one and will be donating it to our Library fundraiser later this week.
Thank you very much for the speedy and complete delivery of my first order...and for your very thoughtful note!

Wanted to share some photos of my decoupage glasswork using some of your plates. Your glass is wonderful to work with...I love the shapes! People love these..they are in a few shops , a museum store and a gallery. I look forward to trying some new shapes soon, after I rest my fingers for a bit!! Thank you. ~Kathy

Hi John, 
My name is Eileen and in December of 09 I purchased some plates from your company for a project. My order was processed quickly and efficiently and arrived in tack and in a timely manner. I was most impressed that I received a letter from you regarding the order and thanking me for doing business with Behrenberg Glass. Up until that point the company had just been a "hit" on the internet that gave me the product I wanted. As much as I love the efficiency of the World Wide Web, I miss the personal relationship doing business in person begets, and your letter gave that back to me. What it also gave me is a reason not to look for another company when I place another order! Don't know if you are smart, a good businessman or just had a mother that taught you to say "Thank You", but whatever the case it was appreciated! 
I have attached a picture of one of the finished product. This one was used as a 50th birthday gift for a close friend. 
Again, thanks! -Eileen

Hi, You, by far, have one of the most awesome websites. It is easy to use, well put together, user friendly--I could go on and on. You are commended. I will indeed come back as I progress in decoupage efforts.

Hi Penny,
Just wanted to thank you for the usual great service and quick delivery. Always a pleasure to order from you. 

Thank you! I love everything. -Bonnie

Thanks for the email last week. As a new customer, I wanted to compliment you on your great product, your follow up, and the efficiency of your staff- You will be getting more orders from my shop! -Dave

I just wanted to say how pleased I was with the product I received from you. The heart shaped plates were wonderful, I will definitely order more from you in the future. -Laura

I was very pleased with the plates I received, as well as the shipping and service. I think I'm going for bowls next :)

So delighted with your products! Kate

To Whom it may concern,
I received my order in full.The items were well packaged arrived well with no problems.Thank you for such speedy delivery and a nice note from the owner.I know I will use you again in the future. -Betsy

Thanks for the note. Actually, I used your plates for hand-painting artwork. They’re not only just the right fit, but I was really impressed with your prompt service and the politeness and personal touch you company provided. I’m glad you wrote because I really wanted a chance to tell you that --- great customer service. Thanks, Ed

Thank you for your outstanding customer service and your personalized card. I was impressed and grateful. -Marsha

Thank you so much! I did receive the glass and it made it one piece. It's perfect and just what I was looking for! I will definitely keep you in mind of any future needs and will refer anyone else I hear interested in glass pieces your way. Again, many thanks!
Kind Regards,

thanks! love your stuff... answer to all of my problems!! -Judy

Hello, Loved your products and I am now ordering more. I called and was told that there would be a 6 discount. PLEASE deduct that from my charge. Thanks again for the previous order which was fab and fast...Cindy

Dear Penny -The shipment arrived today in absolutely perfect condition – beautifully packed!! Thank you so much for your efficient service. I think I might have to order some of your special Christmas plates with that kind of turnaround for the Christmas stock. Thank you so much – I’m very impressed and my client is delighted. The sandblasting will be done next week or so. With winter regards from Downunder! Warm and snuggly!!!!!!! Hope you’re having a great summer over there in PA – I understand you’ve had a few wintry blasts though! -Jil

We love the 8" shallow bends! -Melinda

I received your handwritten thank you note today and simply wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your courtesy. Perhaps chivalry is not dead after all. I received my order promptly and was pleased and plan to order again. In the meantime, thank you for your extra effort. -Ursula

I just received a nice surprise in the mail. A hand written thank you card for my business. You don't get that everyday, what a class act. I was quite please with the glass plates I ordered. I have a very small home based craft business and to be honest only have orders for my crafts during the Holiday season. The plates I have used for over 10 years were discontinued and I wanted to make sure I had some supply in case someone wanted me to make them something. Although much more expensive that what I was used to paying, I did give you a try and you have won a customer for as long as I am able to purchase. Customer Service response was exceptional, shipping was speedy, the product met my needs and the follow up exceptional. Thank you. I will be back even if just for small orders at a time. Sincerely Lucienne

I have received all the product that I ordered...AND.. 
just got a lovely thank you card from your company president/owner. I have to say that I was quite impressed that you would take the time to write to me (even if you didn't do it personally...still a classy thing!!) and thank me as a new customer.... such a lovely gesture and one I will not forget.
Your customer service is exemplary and I wanted to comment on it. 
Thank you again and until the next order....

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