River Church Car Show

Today we are working on engraving plates for The River Community Church in New Kensington. This is their 14th year for their car show and we engrave the awards and participation gifts for this event. #behrenbergglass #localmanufacturing

There is still time to enter the event. If you don't have a car to enter you can go and spend some time with them on May 19th.http://www.goriverchurch.com/car-show-2019/

The River Church Car Show Plate

The River Church Car show plate 2019
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16" Square Clear Glass Cake Plate

Welcome to Behrenberg Glass

These beautiful wedding cakes are displayed very nicely on 16" square, 3/16" thick clear glass, with a polished edge. The flat clear glass adds to the beauty of the wedding cake presentation and does not take away any focus from the cake. 

We can polish the edge of a flat: square, rectangle, round, oval, ...etc 




Wedding Cake on 16" Square 3/16"


Round wedding cake on Flat Glass Sqaure


Thank you,
John & Donna Behrenberg



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