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Bowl for Rosa

24" Bowl 
We helped Rosa with her project by making a 24" clear bowl.

"The project is called "And here I bleed" and I had the mulberry paper touching the red ink. Because the paper is very absorbent and thin, the ink would climb up naturally. I originally had this happening with a storage bin, but thanks to your beautiful bowl, I was able to display it in a much more sophisticated way for my final review!

Thank you so much-- I've had many peers and professors ask where I was able to obtain such a large and beautiful bowl. I made sure to give them your info!"


Bowl for RosaRosa Bowl

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Beautiful Dish

Welcome to Behrenberg Glass

Beautiful Dish created by Chef Stephanie Izard . She used a Behrenberg Glass 8" Rim Bowl Clear Texture 3/16" thick glass to display her work of art. 

Our 3/16" Textured glass has been used in restaurants and homes for decades. It is nice to see such a beautiful display before you eat the delectable food. Please take a look at our textured glass to see what you can create. 



Beautiful Dish by Chef Stephanie Izard

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