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The following pictures show how Behrenberg Glass's clear textured plates were used at a wedding.

Check out our clear textured glass plates that are used in restaurants, by caterers and at weddings by clicking on the pictures below.

Reminder: Our Father's Day sale is going to end tomorrow,
Wednesday, June 19th.

Buy your plates very soon.


Top picture is from Harlie jo photography



Bottom two pictures are from Jackson Signature Photography.

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Behrenberg Glass Staff

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Johnny Behrenberg, Multimedia Designer

I am the son of John and Donna Behrenberg. Being in our family business gives me opportunities to work in many different capacities. Sometimes I will be in the office on the computer or answering the phones and other times you can find me making molds, screens, and taking photographs. Talking to people is something that I love to do so I will be starting to work with sales. I may be calling you.
Donna Behrenberg, Office Manager
Hello, John and I have been married since 1988. We have two adult children, Evelyn and Johnny. I started working in the office part time while Johnny was in high school and then full time from September 2016. Normally you will find me at my desk answering the phone, entering sales orders and invoicing. In between my desk jobs, I will be engraving and sand-carving on our glass for customers who want something special added to their purchase.
John Behrenberg, President
Rebuilding the furnace in 1974 when I was 12 years old was my first job. Working from the ground up is how I started here.  I have worked full time since 1983. I became the head of the company in 1998 when my dad retired becoming the 4th generation to run our family business. I still have my hands in most of the daily operations in our factory as well as running the office next to my wife, Donna.


Thank you,

John & Donna Behrenberg

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