Behrenberg Glass Co. supplies beautiful pieces of quality clear glass plates and textured glass plates that are perfect for hand painting, one-stroke painting, and decorating.

You can easily change a clear plate into a hand painted piece of artwork:

Monkey Dish texture serving trayPainted Glass Tray - Monkey DishBehrenberg Glass clear textured glass monkey bowl was painted to create the snowman plate above.

Painting on a Behrenberg Glass plate

  1. Wash your Behrenberg Glass Co. plate with soap and hot water. Dry thoroughly.
  2. Clean the plate with alcohol to remove any oils. Do not touch or handle the plate on the surface you are going to paint.
  3. Use an enamel paint made especially for glass.
  4. Hand paint on the back side of the plate, if you are going to use it for food, by the reverse paint method.
    • Paint the face and let it dry
    • Paint the berries around the edge and let it dry
    • Bake these plates in the oven according to the directions on the enamel paint
    • Paint the wreath over the berries and let it dry
    • Paint the white for the snowman's face and let it dry
    • Bake the plate for a 2nd time to adhere the paint to the glass

If you bake all the colors at one time, the colors will fade together and you will get a more antique look to the glass. To keep the colors from "bleeding" through each other, bake the plate multiple times. Especially when white is used over reds.

Behrenberg Glass Co's clear or textured clear glass plates are excellent for hand painting. The textured plates give the color a "shimmer" when painted on the bottom over the texture. You can decorate all year long with hand painted glass that you have created.

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